Charity Fundraisers / Galas

BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos

Charity fundraisers and galas are our specialty here at BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos. We perform at several major charity fundraisers each year and are almost ALWAYS asked to come back again the following year.

Dueling Pianos are the perfect entertainment solution because we are ALL REQUEST, placing nice sticky pads and pencils on every table and on the pianos. This is great because your guests are going to vary greatly in age and in musical taste and a live band just can't handle that much range. Dueling Pianos can perform music from every generation, from the 50's to current hits, and all styles of music from country to rock and roll to dance club favorites to get that dance floor packed and rocking!

BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos in Nebraska always brings two FULL SIZE grand pianos to every show, they always perform using the SAME TWO PLAYERS (they don't use sub-par alternates like other dueling piano companies), and they bring state of the art sound and LED lighting to make one of the most electrifying shows in the Midwest.

Giving Back to The Charity Organizations

Here's what sets us apart from other forms of entertainment. As you may or may not know, dueling pianos can raise a lot of tip money from the audience. For instance, we will have a "college showdown" segment where we perform different college fight songs depending on who bids the highest. This can get very exciting as different colleges will group together to outbid the other colleges to have their fight song played - once another college outbids them the pianists stop playing that song and start the college fight song of whoever just made the highest bid. This goes on until the bidding stops. We have been known to raise in excess of $2500.00 during this segment! Here's the best part - we donate ALL of our tip money right back to your charity organization! That's right, at the end of the night we add up all of our tips and give them back to the charity. We let the audience know that their tips are going towards the charity in the beginning of the night so that they tip generously. In some cases our charity fundraiser clients have BROKEN EVEN and ended up getting us for free after the tips were returned to them! Now that's awesome.

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